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composition 001 LAGOS
composition 002 ACCRA
composition 003 DAKAR
composition 004 OUAGADOUGOU
composition 005 ABIDJAN




As part of an independent media project, I am creating a series of audio compositions consisting of audio essays, interviews, music and historical recordings. These compositions explore the architectural history or Oríkì of various cities in West Africa. These cities include Lagos, Accra, Ouagadougou & Abidjan, however, the discussion will explore the impact of migration, colonialism and the Post-Independence movement of the mid-20th Century on the wider region. The research so far focuses on how politics, religion and tribalism have shaped these urban centres. The audio format has been adopted to modernise the traditional practice of oral history and storytelling. This media project aims to revive the post-colonial discourse around architecture in West African urban centres amongst designers, urban dwellers and decision-makers.

composition 006 ASMARA
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